Trying and Weakness, Never

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Trying and Weakness, Never

Post by Master DIVER TOM » Sun Feb 15, 2015 8:55 am

Oh My God, Trying a weakness , never happen , than you are Truly in Despair :shock:
So many times , I was in despair trying,Outcome road kill , like my grammar :shock: It is what it is :shock:
There is news reporter and a news Editor, who said to a news reporter, Your grammar suck :shock:
You are never weak by trying as soon as you dont focus on trying and outcome :shock:
crazy thought,sure, Tough being us :shock: ;) :D Fact is it true , no matter when our limitation happen. Fact is us trying , I am so glad someone point out my grammar limitation so to write the following post,
Every try come with a outcome to fail, The second you realize that trying is more important then outcome trying , Well it better to focus to help than focus on weakness to try :shock:
Bewildering, sure :shock: ;) :D
Did I say this right, could my grammar be better, Sure :shock: ;)
I would rather to try , than worried about grammar issue, My grammar needs help, If you can help what I post, Well help is needed :shock:
Fact is weakness has Nothing to do with trying, getting pass what ever weaknss is
ing Past your limitation , well weakness to try, Is us. Outcomes in amazing , do to ;) :shock: :DI dont dream this up,It is tough being us trying ,weakness or just jive up, NEVER!!! :
Fact is when we try and fail, Well it better to try to give up, Some time overcome limitation happen, and a weakness happen to, Trying and overcome, well weakness, happen to. When you realize that there is No weakness in trying , Then Trying , and out come dont Matter,
When you realize , when trying is more important than outcome and realize , That trying is more than a weakness, Oh, Empowerment to overcome than the weakness to try :shock:
Puzzling, Trying to understand our limitation ,without direction to try ,is us :shock: