Wounded Vets , with arm limiations

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Wounded Vets , with arm limiations

Post by Master DIVER TOM » Thu Oct 16, 2014 6:24 am

Take a wounded Warrior to Camp??? :shock
What I have learn in life is compassion to others, The gift is compassion to help others here :shock: :D We All share this Idea in our trys to move us forwards and by posting , we can only try to help others ;) When a chid with our limitation a Parent or ware arm limitation happen latter in life , can help to ;)
What I do know is we have overcome so much ;) We have learn to dress are self one handed and eat to. To help others to do so and a vet, really could be a help to ;) Helping a wounded warrior , with our experience might help at camp :shock: :roll: What Is fact ,is I think less of my limitations and pain in trying here when I can move others to do so to :shock: What we could share with a vet , might help to :shock:
Just thinking :roll: