Jordyn Whiting, RN
Vice President
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:
Jordyn has a right brachial plexus birth injury, and first discovered UBPN about eight years ago while looking online for more information about treatment for birth injuries in adulthood. She really gained interest in the last five years after finding out about camp.
After realizing how many other adults are living with brachial plexus injuries from traumatic births, she began a more in-depth study of possible treatments and long-term outcomes for adults with birth-related BPI's. Currently there is really no research that had been published on long-term outcomes for this population, and she hopes to help with future research for the adult BPBI population! She also hopes to help bridge the gap between the medical community and birth-injured adults seeking help.
She is a mom to three busy little boys and works as an RN. She has been a dancer all her life, and loves to learn new skills like sewing, gardening, and painting.