Kara Rosenberg
Fundraising Chair Extraordinaire

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Miscellaneous Information:

Kara Rosenberg currently lives in New Jersey with her husband, Jonathan and their 4 shared children, Mackenzie, Jared, Jacob and Maya. Jared was born 15 years ago and suffered a severe Brachial Plexus Injury during a complicated delivery. My personal journey since his birth has taught me many things, but the most important I would have to say is that I have learned(as cliche as it may be) that anything is possible. With a rough start and not much hope, I found others in the same predicament, and the help and love I gained from them is something I will always continue to pay forward. I believe that UBPN is not only an incredible organization but an essential network in our community and I my hope is that I can be part of a team that enables this network to continue to thrive and to be that help and hope that I needed to others.