Dan Aldrich
Co- Vice President & Traumatic BPI Support Group
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Dan was injured two weeks prior to his High School graduation in 1986.  He was a competitive water ski racer and was on the US National Team when he crashed and avulvsed all five of his BP nerves.   An avid athlete, his BPI did not slow him down, he was playing golf within a month of his accident and has been as low as a 14 handicapper. He was snow skiing within five months and water skiing the next year.  He hasn't focused his attention to one sport to compete competitively, instead has just enjoyed doing all sports since his injury.   Dan found the UBPN community in 2006 while searching for how to spell "Brachial Plexus"  As a result of finding the community and helping others with the injury get active again, Dan realized people were having a hard time securing their arm to allow them to be athletic again.  With his years of athletics and a desire to help people get a good arm sling, Dan created and has made a custom athletic arm sling for BPI'ers.  He not only has the sling made, but he also speaks with most of the people who get a sling and encourages them to get back active and athletic, even with their injury.  He is also involved with the Challenged Athletes Foundation, which helps people with disabilities become athletic.    Dan is married to Nedda, has a daughter, Jordan and a son, Caleb and is the Owner and President of Aldrich Wealth Management Group.  He is an avid water skier, golfer, triathlete and any many other sporting activities.