TBPI’s your help is needed!

TBPI’s your help is needed!

Up to $100 compensation for your TBPI experience and wisdom.

* UBPN is supporting this research because TBPI patient empowerment, health, and wellbeing is its goal & purpose.


You may participate in both studies if the below requirements are met:

Aim 3 - BPI Outcomes Assessment - UBPN recruitment details (R01 NIH Grant)

BRIEF: “Find and fix any “blind spots” within current medical assessments for TBPI medical treatments.”

TBPI JOURNEY GUIDE Participation - UBPN recruitment details (R03 NIH Grant)

BRIEF: “A BPI Guide that’s like a coach to help the newly injured navigate recovery as best as possible.” 

"As a TBPI of almost 19 years, the last 14 of those I’ve remained involved with UBPN, part of helping & fighting for TBPIs wellbeing and health. I firmly believe this research work will profoundly improve the overall medical treatment of all future TBPIs. For once, the “whole-individual” (not just parts of a damaged body) is being considered and addressed during their personally unique experience of TBPI. From devastation this injured can wreak, a path has been charted out to encourage the newly injured’s engagement and empowerment. Help us make sure this guide is worthy for all TBPIs!" - Christopher Janney, President, UBPN Board of Directors

PS: For research publications by Dr. Christopher Dy, these two studies' lead researcher, click here: PUB-MED listing of all Dr Dy research (119 publications) or including “brachial plexus” (27 publications) only.

Christopher J. Dy, MD MPH FACS | Assistant Professor
Division of Hand and Microsurgery | Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Division of Public Health Sciences | Department of Surgery
Washington University School of Medicine
twitter: @ChrisDyMD | nerveresearch.wustl.edu
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