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It's so difficult to raise money for non-profits. Crowd funding you find people raising 10,000 dollars for something that is innocuous. I don't get it. The non-profit I volunteer for helps kids that receive permanent arm paralysis during birth. Does anyone know what a stinger is? Well, this is a permanent stinger. Limiting mobility, range of motion, pain, and the ability to be bilateral. 12,000 babies a year are injured. One baby an hour every day. Erb's Palsy. Klumpkes palsy. Complete paralysis if all five nerves are ripped from the spine due to improper maneuvers by the ob or attending. Physical and occupational therapy. Surgeries. Rare enough that most kids never meet another kid like them ever. Camp UBPN gives them that opportunity. $5 would be enough to say that this cause is important. This injury also happens from sports, automobile and motorcycle accidents, and a myriad of other traumatic accidents. But a newborn shouldn't have to deal with it. And yet they do. Let them know they are not alone. Send them to Camp. Donate anything. My daughter Kailyn has the injury. Has endured two surgeries, the second because she was experiencing 10/10 pain syndrome. So that's why this is important to me.. Camp lets people learn from each other. Without it, they are alone and on their own without understanding or support. Facebook is a wonderful place to ask for donations!  Imagine if all of your friends just gave $5!

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