Kathleen Mallozzi
Medic alert liaison & Adult/OBPI support

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Miscellaneous Information:

Kathleen (Kath) I am ROBPI and my injury is considered global because all nerves are involved. I have Horner's syndrome and my diaphragm is partially paralyzed .I am married to Ralph and we have 3 children Suzanne, Diane & Ralph jr. and  5 grandchildren Jessica, Michael, Katie, Megan & Grace. We live in Pearl River, NY.

My interest in supporting UBPN is because of my life-long struggle to find information on my injury, I thought it was rare until 1999 when I found a group of other adults,with obstetrical and traumatic injuries . This discovery created a passion to make life better for other adults and children who sustained BPI injuries. I enjoyed working on the BOD and look forward to working again with this board to support, inform and hopefully make life better for all those who have sustained this injury.

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