Latter in life injuries, Now what???

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Latter in life injuries, Now what???

Post by Master DIVER TOM » Fri Sep 25, 2015 5:57 am

It seems by Post :roll:
You end up at a hospital room after the needed help was given :roll:
You were given a :roll: referral to a doctor who treat are injury, ?? Many leave the hospital without a referral to a Doctor who could of help our injuries :evil: :twisted:
There are many post trying to fine the right doctor in time, Something with these injures have a time eliminate to them,
The hospital is libel to make Sure You get the right care in time!!!! Why beacuse they never heard of this UBPN sight :shock:
Many are left trying in a quest to fine the right doctor, by post. Who treat these injuries in time!!!! Some need to have there are amputated to because of lack of diction from the treating hospital :shock: I do blame hospital to leave us this way!
Latter in life injuries , might end up in court cases to ??? :roll:
Some do fine the right doctor , by post to ;)
Just thinking :shock:


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