complications with nerve graft surgery

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complications with nerve graft surgery

Post by marlin's mom » Mon Apr 20, 2015 5:05 pm

My 14 obpi child has had issues with her skin and was diagnosed with Darier's disease, she hasn't responded to any treatment and I have been researching this quite a bit after talking with a friend who had symptoms that were masking as something else.

Here goes, what I think she has is hypocalicum (sp) which is likely the result of injury to her parathyroid glands during surgery to her neck when she was nerve grafted. I have come to this conclusion for various reasons. many of the symptoms of pain in her bones, stomach ache, seriously messed up teeth. her baby teeth would not fall out because they did not decalcify. her teeth were pulled and there was a long spike whereas a normal baby tooth would seem to have no root. teeth would not move down (the I tooth that surfaces higher in the gums.

has anyone else experienced some of these symptoms following surgery to the neck area? I'm really praying that this is the cause (we will go to the doc tomorrow to get tested for calcium levels which should detect abnormal levels in the blood. From what I have learned a simple surgery would correct this her skin and other symptoms will clear. But beyond that I would hope that infants or children who undergo surgery will get tested for this before the deformities in the teeth and skin occur.


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