Clothes for after Primary Surgery....

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Clothes for after Primary Surgery....

Post by Amy » Sun Mar 25, 2007 1:56 pm

My daughter Abbie went through her 1st surgery on the 2nd of March, all is well and she's doing great. In my moments of panic as to what she was going to wear that would be easy to get on and off her and wouldn't bother her legs, my friend made these blanket sleepers that are basically "bags" they all zip up the front so all you have to do is lay the baby in it, put the good arm in the sleeve and zip it up. I cut a hole in a couple of them so the car seat strap could go in between her legs.

They were really handy and a life saver.
I don't need them any more so if you do please let me know! I will mail them to you. I think I have 6 all together. They are really girly since I have 4 boys prior to my girl everything has pink in it! They will fit a baby up to 28 pounds.

If you to see a picture of one I can email it to you. Just let me know!!!

Many blessings to everyone!!!!
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