Birth erbs and court cases???

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Birth erbs and court cases???

Post by Master DIVER TOM » Sat Sep 05, 2015 6:16 am

Generation of birth erbs happen, by post
Parents lose court cases and some win in birth erb cases to, by post.
Fact of case :shock:
Lawyers to consider as fact,
Birth erbs, :shock:
My Mom was 5 feet 2 inches , I weight 12 LBs at birth, My birthing Doctor , Broke my Elbow and Scapula to at birth. Dragging me out of my mom and ERBS to with a forceps :evil: :twisted:
That was 64 years ago and it still happens Today!!! :shock
These birth erbs happen and in today cases to.
The doctors oath is cause no harm.
Before a tool was used in my birth , a susurration section should of been offer my Mom or you??.
Negligence by doctors to offer using a tool vs offering a choice :roll: :evil: :twisted: and a liability of the doctor by birth erbs injury over time :shock: ;)
How do parent lose court cases when birth erbs Happen??? :shock: and a choose of Sasareoion should of been offered, by the delivering doctor.
Dont understand :shock: :roll:
Fact when Doctors cause birth erbs the birthing tool becomes a Product liability case :roll:
I can only hope this help in your case in a Birth erbs or appeal??? :roll:
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Re: Birth erbs and court cases???

Post by Master DIVER TOM » Thu Sep 10, 2015 7:09 am

I thought, I should add this :shock:
I have had a court case because of my birth erbs :evil: :twisted: I even had to prove birth erbs was a Disability , Because I learn to adapt, myself how to drive a Motorcycle with Birth ebrs, It happen and a 18 wheeler:evil:

What I said in court , was back up by record I found or keep. In the end record did speak Louder than anything in my birith erbs, Challenge to try to adapt, happen

If I was a new parent in a court case over birth erb :roll:
What is Liability for a delivering Doctor and Hospital, Today :roll:
Parent s,

Consider ,
What drives me ,
By others post or my response post to :roll: Future liability is because the Doctor did not give my Mom a Choice , A tool or devices that Come with a birth Erbs out come.
My Mom never could find a Doctor to help my erbs, Today it happens still Happens :shock: :evil: :twisted: , 64 years latter :evil: :twisted:Really :roll:
Lack of direction is a issue emotional harm happen when Hospital , does not offer a BPI refial or any reffial < to a BPI doctor Today to. It is a liability to the Hospital , for a needed referral to the delivging Doctor , when BPI happens.
What Drives me, Nuts is 2 other post trying to get a grip with birth erbs teen and 20 years :shock: Tenacity start in court cases to, We try , My mom is gone , she encourage to try ;) :D You try , outcome well is a Quest I
Damages happen,
Future medical and Vocation < happen ;)

Just Thinking :roll:


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