Been a long time

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Been a long time

Post by ptrefam » Fri Jul 03, 2015 3:26 pm

Its been several years since we've visited this site. But, Dustin has "function" in all areas now. It's been 10 years since his accident and things just keep improving slowly. So now he is asking about a nerve transfer to be able to go from "function" to "useful". Yes, I have learned they are different. Came back to see what has changed. I am sure there has been a lot of new techniques since we were last here. Wondering if there is a way to make the arm strong enough to be useful? Read some interesting info already. Some interesting things in forums under these topics,
intercostal nerve graft
Dr. Andrew Elkwood of The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction
alpha lipoic acid
distal nerve transfers

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Re: Been a long time

Post by Master DIVER TOM » Sun Jul 05, 2015 7:56 am

Very interesting Post :shock:
I never had a nerve graft , never new this could be done for my birth erbs or any help from a doctor ever.
I can reply about usage and function :roll:
Best thing for me was to learn to adapt with very limited use in my erbs arm and hand, limited reach to. I drove a semi for 25 years like this Usage is very important ;)
adapting comes from usage,
If it would help get the nerve graft for usage to learn to adapt , It mite help for pain latter in life to?? :roll:
Many here Love the water for therapy , For grasp I used a small rubber ball to squeeze for grasp. It is True by many post here :roll: we all seem to learn and do most things we cant ??one handed, using and adapting to learn comes in trying and comes overtime to learn are way overtime. I am in AW many times on how others post and do with adapting in play ,sports all types of activity :D
The best therapy is trying to adapt in something you want to try and learn ;) :D

The best question is , What can be done to help a person with our injuries overcome thing by learning there way to adapt. :shock: :roll:
In eating finger food is great like sandwich, If you can teach yourself to use a knife and a folk in cutting your food, this would be good for usage of your limitation to learn :roll: Dressing takes time to learn , I hate button shirts , Trying to keep my shirt tall from not coming out :shock: Somethings you try never work out , Many do ;)
Just thinking :roll:


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