18 Month Old TBPI

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Injury Description, Date, extent, surgical intervention etc: My 18 month old was in a head on collision on April 3, 2015. Complete avulsions of his C8 and T1 roots. No movement in left arm.
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18 Month Old TBPI

Post by cadensmommy » Thu May 21, 2015 1:06 am

Hi everyone,

My name is Alissa, I am 23 and live in Oregon. I just joined the site for my son, Caden, who is only one and a half.

On April 3rd, while I was at work, Caden was in a head on collision with his father. He and the driver of the other vehicle were both pronounced dead at the scene. It is a miracle that my little boy survived with only the injuries that he did, and he has shown so much improvement already.

In addition to a broken femur, Caden had complete avulsions of his two lower roots (C8 and T1, I believe?) from his car seat harness. We are currently unsure of what exactly happened with the upper three. He has no movement in his left arm right now. He also has a ptosis in his left eye which they believe is also due to the injury.

(Please bare with me, I am still not very familiar with the terminology for all of this!)

We have seen two different specialists so far, Dr. Solomon at Doernbecher's Children's Hospital (OHSU) and Dr. Madey at Legacy Emmanuel Children's Hospital. Both doctors have different opinions as far as what to do next.

Dr. Solomon suggests physical therapy twice a week for the next 3 months. He said at that point if there is no progress, we can discuss other options. Dr. Madey, however, wants to perform exploratory surgery as soon as next week. He said that if the roots are stretched, he will simply close it back up and leave them to heal on their own. But if they are torn apart, he will attempt to repair them.

After reading many of the posts on this site, my understanding is that either way it likely will take much longer than three months to heal. While I wish we could have begun therapy immediately after the accident, we have our first appointment tomorrow. Still, I am torn as far as where to go from here? I contacted the MAYO Clinic in Phoenix last night after getting some info on this site, so I am hoping to hear back from them soon. If I need to get a referral from Caden's pediatrician, I know that he would be more than happy to do so. Just not sure if it's necessary?

Please please please DON'T HESITATE to put your two cents in! Any and all advice is more than welcome and so appreciated. Caden just got out of his hip spica cast last week and will also have to learn how to walk again, so he is having a hard time but is in good spirits!!!! Still, I would do anything to help him out and make things easier on him right now!!!

Thanks so much :)

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Re: 18 Month Old TBPI

Post by Master DIVER TOM » Thu May 21, 2015 8:30 am

Welcome to the world of trying and the tenacity to do so :shock: ;)
Your doing Great trying to help you child, ;)
Some surgery need to be done first because there is a time eliminate to them.
Is exploratory surgery now one of these time ??? Can this surgery wait?? Is there a nerve test to check the nerves before the surgery???
Water therapy is great to do to, many post this no matter the age . less pain being in the water in doing therapy or play. ;)
I see so many possibility treatments and surgery by post , If you can find the right doctor and are not bewilder by trying to move forwards :roll:
It tough to be us , We try without true direction, Trying to overcome what you can is far better than giving up not trying and being in despair :shock: just thinking :shock:
You can Never fail by trying, outcomes change overtime and treatment do to ,by so many posting here ;)

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Re: 18 Month Old TBPI

Post by Master DIVER TOM » Thu May 21, 2015 2:04 pm

I thought I should add this :shock:
I guess I will be redundant ??? Oh my God , !950s and Erbs at Birth broken scapula and elbow to??? No help ever in a lifetime with birth Erbs :shock:
My Mom try to help me overcome my birth Erbs, a Children hospital told my mom at 10 there is no help for my broken arm and Scapula at birth or elbow at birth, and Birth erbs., nerve damage In the 50s , the doctor told my mom , I had Polio :shock: There will be no help for your baby,child or when he gets older :shock: at a Chicago children hospital in 1952 :shock:
My mom could not find a way to get pass my birth erbs,
Parents try to help there child, But trying to find away to overcome limitation, Well children do by post by trying there way and positive outcome by post to :shock:
Thank God there is things to try to overcome what you can in life, Good thing I had hugs with birth erbs,from my arm in 4 grade they call me stud arm, when this happen my mom, huge me , my Mom in trying help , always trying!!!, But really you get pass or learn to adapt trying are way in life :shock: Trying and tenacity happen, A Baby or a child or adult learn by trying, in-spite of outcome :shock:I hope I said this right?? :shock: :roll:
limitation in life , no matter when these injury happen, outcome happen in trying ,
Could I explain more??? :shock:
My life with limited is a Padi Master Diver a 25 years , driving semi in Chicago, without help or hope :shock: :shock:
you Guys try this way to, we do not dream our life, We Try ;) :roll:
Just thinking and a hug ??? I wish I could write thing better , but we try ;) :shock:
I just hope this help, a little ??? :shock: :roll:

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Re: 18 Month Old TBPI

Post by Master DIVER TOM » Mon May 25, 2015 7:53 am

I am very Glad , Dan answer the way he did , under (newly injured )
Please consider what he says, He some up a lot of post here and how to get help.
I am sorry for your loss to.
When I was born with birth erbs, water therapy is what they did for me.
No chance of recovery happen to me, because no doctor ever told me there was any help for my erbs. I drove a semi for years with erbs with very limited usage
I am so glad that now you might have a direction by Dans post.
Recovery happen in getting a needed surgery and treatment. The trick is in learning to use your limitation your left with and the next best surgery or treatment overtime.
I hope this might help , I am the other side of the coin with no help from doctors like many posting here to, The only recovery happen to by trying.


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