your opininon. Brachial Nueritis?

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Injury Description, Date, extent, surgical intervention etc: 03/14 Surgery on labrum
12/27/14 Extreme shoulder pain and lack of movement

your opininon. Brachial Nueritis?

Post by willwpm » Fri Jan 16, 2015 6:22 pm

My story. This past March I had surgery on my labrum in my shoulder due to a significant tear from playing football. I recovered normally and had regained nearly all of my movement. I was back to normal and could workout and throw a baseball w/o pain. Up until a couple of weeks ago that is.

(12/24)I was helping my Dad move some furniture and picked up a mirror not very big or heavy, but after i set it down I felt a little soreness in my shoulder. I thought nothing of it and figured it would just go away in a couple days.

(12/26)A couple days later the soreness had not subsided. It didnt hurt just felt, well, sore. We had left to go hunting on our deer lease 7 hours away. After getting out the stand my dad and i started tossing rocks at a fencepost. While throwing i could feel the soreness in my shoulder escalate just a bit, still not too big of a deal.

That night i woke up with extreme pain in my shoulder and severe chills. The pain was almost unbearable. I also noticed that i could not lift my arm. I could bend it at the elbow picking my hand up but nothing more. I figured it was because of the pain. The next day we called and scheduled an appointment with the same orthopedic that had done my surgery.

(1/2/15)The Doctor had scheduled an arthogram and I was back in his office to discuss the results. He says that there is a recurrent tear in the labrum. He gives me a 50/50 chance for recovery w/o surgery and schedules me for PT. This is close to a week after the pain started and it had not stopped. So the doctor gave me a steroid shot and sent me on my way.

The next day the pain was almost comletely gone but i still had no function of my arm. When the PT saw this she was very worried about the lack of movement i had and reccomened a second opinion. So she set up an appointment with another orthopedist to have him look at it.

This doctor was very confused as to what it may be. He said that there is no way a recurrent tear in the labrum could cause such immobility. He thought that there may be a slight chance of infection although very improbable due to it being so long since surgery. That is when he brought up Brachial Neuritis and mentioned Parsonage Turner syndrome. We are now scheduled for a shoulder aspiration to see if there is an infection but that is going to take more than a month. He also said he was going to set up an appointment with a neurologist to check for nerve problems.

I am an 18 yo boy in college and this problem with my shoulder is a huge hindrance to my life. Limiting me from doing many things that i enjoy and making day to day tasks a challenge. Any help would be extremely appreciated. Thank you if you have read this far.

What do you think about this injury? Have you had anything similar? Any advice?

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Re: your opininon. Brachial Nueritis?

Post by Master DIVER TOM » Wed Jan 21, 2015 9:29 am

Sorry your going threw this,
Please have your doctor refer you to a BP specialist.
I know by my and other post here , that alot of us have stretch and torn nerves and pulling in the shoulder.
Getting the pulling out in the shoulder by supporting the shoulder will help to any way that works for you. Slinging will help talk to your doctor about sling the arm , many use Dan sling for rest, till you get the right help.
I hope this might help?? :shock: :roll:
We are here for each other ;) :D Finding the right doctor is a quest in finding what works.


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