We are 911 and help???

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We are 911 and help???

Post by Master DIVER TOM » Wed Oct 22, 2014 12:58 pm

There is to much information here, and posts from so many over time, who care to post. !! :shock: :D Being re-donate is a fact :shock: really, There is so many posting and Sight here happen.
Being redone ,you bet ;)
I have seen Parent , a child or a latter in life injury happen , I have both,
All of us become lukers without a response overtime, I guess of lack of response we become lurecures I guess,??? :shock: :roll: Then Again we we can leave others in the dark because question are redundant?? Very Crazy??? :shock:
Why bother why responded,
Because we care, To help ;) :D
How can we help??? :shock: It more about helping than lack of response??? :shock:
Just thinking?????? :shock: :roll:
The Gift I guess is a trying to help , without a response I Guess, ?????
I do know , you Guys, give me a pass on Gc rammer or spelling issues, Hugs!!!
We All Try, Yes Period ;) :D
Home alone is Tough, so is trying to help here,
We All try to help,
Responding Helps,
Just thinking :shock:
I fell like a Gate keeper here, Home along, Well we all have this I guess???
Did I say this Right, was my grammar right, Did I Offend some one Or Do we just try to help??? Loss Course?? No, We help because we Care,
Being in person helps, Being united to help matters, Many could help living with theses limitation , Chid trying to find help and a Parent , or others with these injury happen to ;)
We can only try to help, Why camp The Child the Parent and latter in life injuries , By Fact
There is many ways to help at a camp 2015, I was at a Chicago panic , years ago.
My Life with smiles,
Really , Parents did ask me alot of question , of me without out help or hope , or direction, Absolute fact is :shock: seeing others face to face and help, Its more than fact its help ;)
I wish I was better at posting, :shock: I guess its better to responded , I wish I could of wrote this better???
i hope this helps, I hope I help like others here post,
We respond to the post here because we care, The worst day is others becoming lurers who , become lukers , because of others lack of responses, it Fact :shock:
Just thinking :shock: Did I say this right?????
I wish I could respond better, I jst try, like many here, :shock:


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Re: We are 911 and help???

Post by JackieHarper » Tue Oct 06, 2015 8:32 am

That is a lot of questions and very philosophical, and a lot to think off... I don't even know where to start... hope to find some support here
J.J.Harper from domyhomework4me

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Re: We are 911 and help???

Post by Master DIVER TOM » Sun Oct 11, 2015 5:53 am

We all post here :roll: to try to help :D Hopefully to give a little

direction from experience with these injuries :roll: :shock: ;)
Best way to start is what Bug you the most :shock: ;)


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