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Post by admin » Sun Jul 13, 2003 5:29 pm

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I have a question for the OUTREACH editor
Tanya and I are revamping our egroup BPI support group and switching over to Delphi, or I think we are
and we had an idea (famous last words) regarding some of the articles in OUTREACH, actually, one was written by me and another by Cindy, both members of our small supportgroup, and we were wondering if it was ok to
post the articles, but as OUTREACH is published we didnt know how the copyright stuff goes with that, so...who do I contact?
thankx, m

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Post by Kwest » Sun Jul 13, 2003 10:04 pm

Hi Marymom -- You can email me at kim@ubpn.org. It shouldn't be a problem, I might suggest that you include a statement that the articles were originally published in UBPN's Outreach magazine and the issue, if possible. E-mail me if you have additional questions.



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