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Injury Description, Date, extent, surgical intervention etc: Daughter has global palsy (c5-T1 injury) 5 surgeries at Texas Children's by Dr
Laurent, Shenaq, and Nath. 1st Surel graft 2nd Intercostal transfer 3rd Latisimus Dorsi transfer with subscapular release 4th Pec release 5th Bicep lenghtening, (which weakened her bicep, and contracture returned.) Has went through serial casting with fair results. Her arm is about a hand shorter then the other. She has limited hand function. (able to grasp) Arm stays pronated. Unable to get to neutral. Now dealing with sternoclavicular subluxation. All that being said....She is very functional. She is a very determined, strong, tenacious young woman. Now 15. She plays the trumpet, french horn, drums, guitar, and now learning piano. Has always played on a softball, and basketball team. Until recently, for fear of further injury due to the sternoclavicular subluxation. (separation of colarbone from sternum) Not sure if all this is spelled right.
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