Tanya Jennison
Secretary & Professional Liaison
New York
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Tanya has a unique perspective regarding BPI. Her first exposure to BPI came as a labor/delivery (L&D) nurse when she heard a neonatologist say that a newborn’s injury “would go away soon.” Her second exposure came with her own daughter’s permanent injury in 2002. BPI had not been a discussed in her nursing textbooks or curriculum, and injuries were “rare” she thought since she hadn’t heard of it but once before. Ah, the learning curve began, and UBPN came into her life. Tanya has two children. Casey was born after a shoulder dystocia with no BPI, but he did require a difficult resuscitation and transfer to another hospital. Amber arrived almost 8 years later…another shoulder dystocia and a BPI. Currently, she continues working as an L&D nurse, but enjoys some educational pieces as well. She strives to educate the staff (nurses, midwives, and MD’s) concerning BPI and shoulder dystocia, as well as is considered a resource for when there is an injury to a newborn. Prevention and Awareness are her passion, and the reason that she has come to the Board of Directors of UBPN. She is truly honored and grateful for the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors and wishes to thank all who have supported her thus far.